Wedding Invitations, RSVP, Directions, and more

Custom Wedding Invitations

Hello, we are JoAn and Toni, and we are... Paperholics!

Alright, so it was a hobby at first: this paper here, that ribbon over there, 3 rhinestones on the other cover, a velum on top of a photo, and soon enough both our homes allocated more space for paper than our families. The good news for you is that we looooooove to play with paper and cannot wait to hear your ideas so we can craft something unique and truly fabulous, all on your terms and budget.

We'll give you some ideas here and a ton more when we meet in person. However, keep in mind that although we cannot write a infinite web page describing all ideas we have and things we could do, virtually anything is possible: there is a seemingly infinite supply of paper types and colors, and we're just looking for an excuse to buy more paper, ribbons, velum, and many other goodies, to create the funkiest thing you ever imagined.

All kinds of things can be made with paper to add bling and class to your wedding celebration: save the date cards (if you are not ready to send invitations yet but want to make sure people will not plan to go elsewhere), invitations, directions to the ceremony or reception hall, programs, menus, favors of all shapes and sizes, and thank you cards.

The most popular set is $5 + tax = $5.35 (you will need one per household, not per person invited). This contains the invitation, RSVP, one custom insert, typically directions / information card, and the envelope. Adding more paper (like a colored backing or semitransparent velum), or ribbons, and rhinestones, or photos, and funky shaped envelopes adds to the cost of materials and the time it takes to make your treasure chest of impression boosting tools :) Some items are worth making fancy, while others can be kept simple. Also, in order to save money, you may want to consider grouping some of these items in little packages. For example, a two sided cover / booklet could include an invitation, directions, and an RSVP card.

We created 4 categories for our creations to indicate fanciness and price level. As you will see, for some items we do not think going full bling (super high scale) is necessary. A table card can be just that. However, if you need to make a statement, our scissors are itching for a cut! Thus, the categories are:

Sweet & Cute

Very nice, yet quick to make, they are made up of your choice of paper - with nice page arrangement, font and computer graphics

Artys & Touching

A step up in class and price is to add your choice of colored backing or a second sheet; and possibly a printing of a photograph

Charming & Delightful

Well into arts and crafts territory, these items will impress with velum covers, rhine stones, embossing, cut-out slide-out covers and other super cute ideas

Downright Memorable

When you need to Wow! some people this is what you use. Only a few of the items typically get this much attention - and they are meant to be keepers - photos included in invitations, extra bows, ribbons, and additional pages inside

Based on our years of experience, we created several packages that will cover what you need, will save you time and money. The packages are packs of 25 - since most people will plan for 50, 100, 150 guests - so packs of 25 seems to make sense. While we can make pretty much anything, from simple yet stylish to extra fancy, most people seem to be very happy with an invitation, RSVP card, matching envelope and one other insert (program, directions, or whatever else you wish for).

Our typical, middle of the road, and most popular package is:

$5 for a set consisting of the following:

          Invitation/Envelope – Artsy and Touching

          RSVP – Artsy and Touching

          Direction/Information Card – Artsy and Touching

          Matching Envelope 


Please see some of our work work after the Q&A section below.

Q & A

1. We are interested in your service, what next?

Call or email or come on down to meet with us, bring your ideas, budget and with your wish list and we'll quote you prices.

2. I saw something special in a magazine, can you match it?

"Yes, we can", and unlike the President, we do not need Congress' approval to start, only yours! Bring your color theme swatches when we meet and we'll find the perfect papers and textures to create the feeling you want

3. Can we meet for a consultation?

Of course. Just call or email to set up an appointment: 952-938-0778

Here are just a few of our creations - we have stacks and books and albums full of samples from past engagments to show you:

Left below: The red ribbon on this Dali Dore Rosso textured paper is a Charming and Delightful belly band style invitation which shows class with an ivory base ribbon and an textured red ribbon on top.  Christyna wanted to make a statement and she did: "An elegant celebration of love"

Right below This Downright Memorable invitation is a clever variety of the above invitation.  This bride, Erica, has chosen a band instead of a pocket for her RSVP.  Erica also chose a custom paper with chocolate brown print backed with Basis brown paper with a cute circle flap closure

wedding invitations

This downright memorable invitation is made from Basis brown paper.  Ivory linen was used for the overlay and accessories printed with brown ink.    The bride, Kristina, chose a side pocket version of this style with the flap being customized to their liking.  For a flap closure they chose pre-made stickers.  Another option for closure could be a ribbon

wedding invitations

This Artsy and Touching invite uses Dali Dore nero paper with Dali Dore candido overlay with black printing.  The choice of paper and fonts create an elegant look

wedding invitations

This Charming and Delightful program was printed on white linen paper with black print.  The front of the program is accented with a black band and the couples names as they appeared on the invitation

wedding invitations

This Downright and Memorable Save the Date card was created with Stardreams fairway paper.  A 5 x 7 picture taken on a memorable vacation was used with Stardreams quartz paper as a backing

wedding invitations

This is an Artsy and Touching version of Cristyna’s wedding invitation from above.  A flourish was used instead of ribbons

wedding invitations

This Artsy and Touching RSVP post card was made to match the above invitation.  This version requires less postage than using an envelope

wedding invitations

This is a Sweet and Cute version of a direction card that Cristyna used.  Printed on the Dali Dore candido paper

wedding invitations

This Downright and Memorable invitation uses Basis brown paper with Domtar natural overlay printed with black ink.  The insert is a combination RSVP and reception card.  The insert is perforated so the RSVP can be easily separated for mailing.  There is embossing on the bottom edges and a matching ribbon to add class and style to the invitation

wedding invitations

This Downright Memorable program is a great idea for hot summer ceremonies.  It is a double sided fan with ribbon accents.  What a great way for guests to cool off, and what a nice memento for you to keep and always remember

wedding invitations

This Sweet and Cute invitation is printed on Classic Crest Laid avon brilliant white paper with black ink.  The bride, Jennifer, chose to line the envelope for an added touch

wedding invitations

This Artsy and Touching invitation used Stardreams fairway paper with Stardreams quartz overlay printed with green and grey ink.  A flourish accents the invitation.  The envelope is lined with the Stardreams fairway paper

wedding invitations