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Hello! Feeling overwhelmed by miriad choices, and meetings, and price schemes out there?

You're not the first one!

And, more importantly, you need not be alone!

Getting married is one of the biggest and best days of your life!! Planning weddings is my passion because I know how important this day is, how much every details matters, and because I get to share in the joy and happiness of your day.

For a wedding to be a wonderful event, a lot of thinking and careful planning is needed so that everyone and everything comes together just at the right time, just like the steps of a serene dance, with romantic music in the background and a happy ending just under the horizon.

First, you need a good foundation, the Planning Service. This means we'll spend some quality time and envision the day, all things that need to happen and get purchased,create schedules for the months ahead and for the wedding day so you know exactly what's coming and when, so you can be organized and relaxed.

Once you have a plan, you can go ahead and shop and compare and worry till you drop :) I know it's a lot of work and it's hard because you want it all to be perfect. If you have the energy and time to do all that, once you have a plan, you are good to go. If you want some help along the way, then consider the Worry Free Service, so that there is the two of us from start to happily ever after... well, just up to that moment, because the happily ever after it's up to you and him.

The Wedding Day Service: on your wedding day, you will be on heels and in an impossibly impractical dress, however incredibly pretty. You will wear a fabulous hair do, and incredible make-up. The problem with these, of course, is that they tend to get messed up if you try to run after vendors and relatives that have not quite memorized your plan. That is why you need someone to run, bring, check, look, tell, yell (ok, no yelling), and keep everyone and everything in line so they do what you want and need, without having you lose your cool, or sweat or even get mad. Have you ever hosted a party and worked so hard that you did not have time to enjoy it and it felt like you weren't even there? I imagine you have. So, don't miss your own wedding, let me suffer in your stead!

Planning Service Wedding Day Service Worry Free Service
Before you get too far down the road of making reservations, and shopping and organizing, it's good to lay a plan on paper, create a budget and figure out how far in advance you need to arrange each vendor, from ceremony site to tuxes and dresses. A lot of things and people and vendors need to come together on your wedding day, at the right time, in the right order. Someone needs to make this happen. It could be you, the bride, and then your day will be long and stressful. Or, it could be me, and you'd be all smiles, relaxed in the knowledge that everything will be just right. Get organized before you start, and pampered on your wedding day, and have a friend and sounding board throughout your planning journey. This is the Planning Service with the Wedding Day Service, plus a shoulder to lean on throughout.
Meetings with a planner to create a vision for the event, outline a schedule of events, and determine key factors of success (cost, style, impression, etc.) - (8 hours are included) Pre-wedding day preparation meeting: so we put things down on paper, gather contact information for bridal party and vendors, and agree on timing, order of events, and all other details that will make a difference. All services from the Planning Day and Wedding Day services are included. In addition: booking venues, vendor shopping and comparison, help sending invites and save the day, ideas on floral arrangements and decorations, decorating the venues, and taking it all down, etc.
Create & refine wedding budget Assist bride, groom, and wedding party Included
Create wedding shopping list Serve food and drink prior to ceremony, if needed Included
Create wedding planning, shopping and preparation schedule Pin flowers, distribute bouquets Included
Vendor selection, interviews and contracts Coordinate ceremony entrance / exit Included
Create wedding day schedule Provide wedding day emergency kit Included
Unlimited phone calls and emails Help coordinate wedding party and participants for photos Included
  Transport items from ceremony to reception as needed Included
  Oversee all vendor set up & execution Included
  Direct guests for receiving line, introduction, dinner service, etc. Included
Planning Wedding Day Service Worry Free Service
$399 $599 $899

We'll setup the linens, sashes, glassware, napkins, silverware so it all looks beatiful

reception decorations, Minnesota

reception catering, Minnesota

table_linens_wedding, Minnesota

We'll take care of centerpieces, lay out your favors, and any custom decorations

reception decorations, Minnesota

reception catering, Minnesota

reception catering, Minnesota

reception catering, Minnesota

catering reception_decorations, Minnesota

We can even bring a cake knife so you won't have to spend money on a one time item

reception catering, Minnesota

Every detail will be tended to: sashes, napkins, baloon, hanging lanterns... whatever you dreamt of...

wedding deocorator, Minnesota

reception wedding deocorator , Minnesota

reception decorations gift, Minnesota

reception decorations, Minnesota

And of course, draping... whether ceilings or walls...

reception decorations, Minnesota

reception decorations, Minnesota

Decorations: we bring them or pick some of them up from you, set them up, and later come back and take them down and back to wherever they belong.

Pricing: requires a consultation, there are too many variables to consider for set pricing.

Stop by and let's talk about it!