Wedding Services Package at any Location

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All packages on this page were created under the assumption you already have a ceremony venue and are looking to add all other services.

There are two ways to plan a wedding: shop for each service, evaluating a number of vendors for every single service (the hard way), or by getting services bundles or packages (the easy way).

If you want it the easy way, we can help you get there a lot faster, with no worries or headaches. Because we offer a number of services we can bundle them together in packages. Below are some of the more popular wedding packages our customers choose and then tweak to fit their specific needs (flowers for one less bride's maid, one extra hour of photography, a secondary photographer).

Whatever you wish, we'll work with you to create just the right package, so that you get what you need, at a great price, and without the hard labor of choosing, and interviewing over, and signing contracts, and working out payment schedules and over...

All these packages are priced for Twin Cities locations within 20 miles of Minneapolis. Outside of that area, the prices are the same, but we'll need to quote you travel fees.

Package Elope Away Private Joy  Gathering   Hugs & Smiles Merriment Greek Skies
Minister / Ceremony Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Minister / Rehearsal Yes Yes Yes
Mike & Music Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bride Bouquet Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Maid Bouquet 1 2 3 4 5
Boutonnieres 1 4 5 6 7 8
Corsages 2 2 2 2 7
Photography 30 min 1 hour 3 hours 5 hours 8 hours 12 hours
Engagement Photos Yes Yes Yes Yes
Invitations 25 sets 50 sets 75 sets 100 sets 175 sets
Planner / Help 6 hours 10 hours
Your Total $499 $799 $1,599 $2,399 $3,799 $4,999

Wedding Package: Elope Away

This package is perfect when you want to get married without anyone knowing, yet you still want to mark the occasion to feel special. A minister / officiant to conduct the ceremony and file the legal paperwork is key. Next, a bouquet for the bride and a boutonniere for the groom, and half and hour of photography to preserve the memories. A very special pacakge, for a few hundred dollars, all put together for you so that all you need to do is show up, smile, and say I do.

Wedding Package: Private Joy

This package is great when inviting a small group of people. 25 sets of invitations (programs, RSVP cards, etc) will reach 25 families, and will tend to bring in some 18 - 22 of them on site. One hour photography will capture family and ceremony photos for wonderful memories. The flowers will adorn you and your fiance, the maid of honor, and the best man, and four parents.

Wedding Package: Family Gathering

Inviting 50 families could bring in as many as 75 to 100 people if you count some kids, and some who wil not show up. A three hours photo shot can cover fun photos, family photos, the ceremony, and some posed shots at the ceremony location (as if you were cutting the cake, dancing with dad, etc. only earlier in the day, to get the shots done and then move on to party!). This package covers with flowers 2 maids and 2 men, 4 parents, and the two of you. Very nice, and yet very affordable.

Wedding Package: Hugs & Smiles

It's all hugs and smiles when you send out 75 invitations and RSVPs and then you get to greet some 120 - 140 people. With a wedding party of 3 maids, 3 men, and 4 parents, plus all the family and friends hovering around you, you'll be glad for the extra photography time and the officiant's guidance at the rehearsal.

Wedding Package: Merry Celebration

By now this is an elaborate affair you will need some extra help. It's a heckuva lot of stuff and help for what some people charge for photography alone. Yes, some people want $4,000 for a day's photography... and we'll do the whole ceremony, engagement photos, invitations, flowers, officiate the ceremony and rehearsal for less than that! Oh, and we'll send a planner / helper / Swiss Army "Person" to take care of you for much of the day!

Wedding Package: Greek Skies

You've seen the Greek wedding movie, right? Well, here's the wedding package (minus the baptism - sigh!) Surviving a large crowd, getting photos done, and chatting up the crowd takes a lot of work - and we will do that for you so you can relax and actually enjoy the day! Smile: you will be on camera all the time!