Courthouse Style Wedding Service Description

Courthouse Wedding

Going to the courthouse means that, after obtaining your marriage license, you actually go to a courthouse and ask for a judge to marry you. Most will say a few words and will take care of your papers. Some might just take care of your papers because they are rushing to the next case. And that is the problem with court houses. They are primarily busy and focused on court cases.

When you show up, you are not the priority.

So you get to wait for a judge to become available and you end up paying more than what our fee for the Signature & Vows service is. Judges typically want $200 - $300.

If you must be married in a courthouse, you'll be working directly with them. We just listed the option here in case you were wondering what a courthouse wedding is.

Courthouse - Style Wedding, or, Signature & Vows

You can come to our office, or we can come to you. The officiant will be dressed casually, they will take care of paperwork, and will have you two repeat vows to each other. At our office, we can have up to 2 witnesses.

$75 at our location; $119 at the location of your choice. For an extra $20, it is essentially a classy signature.

Cheaper, faster, and more personal.

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