Wedding Signature Service

A Signature

A signature is just that. You come to our office with your beloved, bring the marriage license, and we sign it for you. No pomp, no special words... just paperwork. It's cheap and it gets you married. If you have witnesses, do bring 2 please, if not, we can provide them for a small fee. Depending on the officiant, the "office" could be a home office, or a public place near the officiant's location. If you'd like the officiant to come to you, that can be arranged for a small travel fee as well.

$55 at our office, or the location of our choice; $95 at your location in the Twin Cities. Travel fee applies if farther than 20 miles from Minneapolis.


We need two witnesses over 18 years of age. If you do not have them, we can probably provide them, depending on the location. At our office the fee is $10 per witness. At the chapel and hall, it is $20 per witness. Elsewhere, in the metro Twin Cities it is $30 per witness.

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