Existing Customers: Choose Your Party Music

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Once you choose our DJs, you also have access to hundreds of Top lists for first dances, slow, fun, dollar dances popular in the USA. Of course, you may choose any song you want, whether from these lists, or elsewhere, and our DJs will play it for you... This tool will get you started with lots of ideas, allowing you to search by music type, artist, song name... and you can listen to audio samples. When done, you will have created an epic play list for a rockin' celebration. Most weddings need 30 - 50 songs.

This is a music database with thousands of songs, and, most importantly, with top lists popular at weddings by activity type: first dance, money dance, chicken dance, garter toss song, bride / father dance, grand entrance song, etc.

To log in the system, click on CLIENT AREA, enter your event date, and the password you received from us.

The end result of using this tool is for you to create a play list of songs, and to add notes specifying what should specific songs be used for!

At the bottom of this page there is some information on how to use this system, just click here or scroll down to the bottom of this page

How do use the Wedding Music Database

If you know the songs you want, seach for them using the Artist or Song Name.

If you are looking for ideas, click MOST WANTED, and browse the various lists.

search wedding music

Click the speaker to hear samples on Amazon or click the Plus buttons to add to the "Play", "Play if you can", or "Do not play"

Go BACK when done here. Add NOTES such as "first dance" or "grand entrance", or DELETE songs using the buttons next to each song.

search wedding music

SAVE the list so you can come back and finish some other time, and SUBMIT the list to us, when done, or when looking for feedback (you can still edit after you submit.

If you do not find this tool helpful, we can do this the old fashioned way, in person.

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