Specials: Awesome Package Deals!

All weddings at Cindyrella's Garden receive free directions cards, showing the garden and chapel or garden and Rosehenge Hall. How many you say? One for every 2 people participating... as you invite households, not individuals. This cartoon-type map was commissioned with a cartoon artist who charges $400 - $500 for a map, never mind the actual printing cost. If, however, you want this map customized for yourself, we can facilitate that for you for about $300. Or, you can contact the artist yourself. Alternatively, we can just give you the image of our map and you can add some customization to it in your favortie graphics software (that is why we left the white corner), and then you can print this yourself.

Directions to Wedding Venues

Off season (November 1 - March 31) free upgrades at Rosehenge Hall: chair sashes, cloth napkins, ceiling draping.

Chair Sashes & Cloth Napkins add style and flair to your wedding

$100 off Pumpkin Carriage rental for your Cindyrella's Wedding Garden wedding for each $2000 spent on your Fab Weddings package. Regular carriage rental $500.

Princess Wedding Pumpkin Carriage

Free engagement photo session (approx. 1 hour) with any 3 hour or longer photography package

Wedding Photography Engagement

Free 24 page, huge size (15" X 11") photo album when you book 5 hours photography & Rosehenge Hall. Compare the larger album below with the typical 10X10 book below:

Wedding Photography Albums