Mini DJ: Ceremony Music and Microphone

ceremony amplification

Anytime you have more than 30-40 people at a ceremony, it is a good idea to amplify the sound so all can hear you saying your vows!!

Occasionaly, the venue or DJ will provide this for free. All our venues do. However, if you do not have it, you can add this service to your officiant service.

Our mini DJ service, for $75, provides an amplification station, microphone, and the much needed processional and recessional songs. Basically, you get a minister with his/her own amplification system and our ceremony music for the duration of the ceremony.

Some people choose to skip this but then they struggle with a CD player or laptop to play the music (both typically inadequate) and very few guests can hear the bride and groom - missing the most important part: you saying your vows!!!

Anyway, a regular DJ is overkill if all you do is the ceremony... Without it, few will hear what is being said. Mini DJ is the Budget Wedding alternative - sufficient amplification to cover 100-200 people and nice music to boot. Food for thought: it's your wedding, but having your mom and dad being able to actually hear your say your vows is well, "priceless".

What music is available?

This service is an option you have as an add-on to a minister reservation in Minnesota only, based on availability. Please call us if you wish to use this service. The equipment is popular and Maureen can help reserve it for you.