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The wedding DJ will shape a lot of what people will remember and the overall experience.

A good DJ will adjust the music on the fly to what the crowd likes.

A good DJ will check in with the bride and groom throughout the night to ensure all activities and events planned get done right.

A good DJ will guide the bride and groom before the wedding to create play lists, activities, and announcements so that, come the Big Day, everything is well planned and executed orderly, while the bride and groom enjoy their day without having to worry, or even remember... they just need to show up, smile, and enjoy their day.

A good DJ will also have back-up equipment, so the party goes on no matter what glitches the electronics might have.

Our DJs are good DJs for all the reasons above.

Our DJ service is available throughout the Twin Cities metro area.

In addition, at our venues, our DJs are the exclusive DJs, because we have more, and more advanced built-in equipment than any DJ could ever carry to any party... and we want you to have a time to remember and tell all your friends about. They are trained to use all this equipment to its fullest, and they are good at it.

Once you decide on using our venue, or using our DJs for your venue, you will meet with your DJ and discuss all details for your party, so it is an unforgetable night.

Among other things, you will have free access to the Play List database, where you can find music, create play lists, and get ideas from specialized wedding top charts

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Mobile wedding DJ
Mobile wedding DJ
Mobile wedding DJ