Wedding Receptions

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Plan your reception here!

We can take care of everything, so you can relax and make the most of your time, before and during your reception.

Strangley, it will be a long day, but time will fly so fast... you'll wish you had slowed down and took more time to visit with loved ones, enjoy it, and take the moment in.

That's where we come in: starting with detailed planning, careful reviews, and onto final minute checks, and setup, and through coordinating everything, so that every moment becomes a treasured memory, while you shine, sparkle, and glow! (no, not in the dark, in the spot light)

All our services are available both at our venues or yours.

A couple of things that we pride ourselves for:

We can do everything, and plan a complete wedding in a matter of days.
At our venues, the setup and cleaning is always included, so you may be a lady and visit properly with your guests
We do not practice food and beverage minumums
We always include all taxes, fees, and tips in all quotes so that you know the whole story upfront, and also, not have to worry about tips and payments on your wedding day.


The bar is always done by our catering company, Rudy's Red Eye Grill. There simply just too much to load and unload to keep changing bar companies every week. You will see, from the bar menu, that prices are very reasonable for a reception hall. We know that some people think they could do it cheaper themselves... however, that is only only they start thinking about all the little things that are needed to make a bar work: soft drinks, toppings, utensils, cups, stir sticks, etc. in addition to event insurance and additional private security.


While at Rosehenge Hall, catering is always done by our catering company. You have the option to bring any catering company here. As soon as you do, you lose the $3000 executive package discount off the price of the venue... but if you must, have it your way.

DJ & Band

While at Rosehenge Hall, the DJ is always the house DJ. The reason for this is that we are in a residential neighborhood, and we simply cannot risk having a DJ that does not know the difference between fun loud and obnoxious loud. At Glenhaven you are welcome to bring in any DJ and any band of 10 pieces or less. As soon as you do, you lose the $3000 executive package discount off the price of the venue... but if you must, again, have it your way. In addition, realize that no mobile DJ has the ability to bring a better sound system that we built in, and finely tuned in the venue. The dance lights can be added to your DJ.

Photo Booth

Each of our venues has a photo booth. They are priced about 50% off market price. We do not include a dedicated attendant... but if you must, you can add one for $100. Finally, if a friend wants to gift you a booth, it will have to be ours.

All other things

While we can do it all, you can also bring in other things. Snacks for guests have to be non perishable (no dairy, no meat). Cake must come from a licensed bakery, not grandma's kitchen.

Check out the pages on the left for specific reception services information, or other sections of the site for decorations (bling), and Music and DJ.

And call us! Let us show you how a great party is ut together on a reasonable budget, in such a way that you get to actually enjoy the process and the party.

wedding package