Cindyrella's Pumpkin Carriage

Cinderella Pumpkin Carriage

We could agree with you that a real princess might show up in something other than a pumpkin carriage, but then we'd both be wrong :)

Alright, picture this: the guests are seated in the garden, a soothing classy tune is floating over the flower beds, and then, from afar behind them, they hear a neighin horse and clicking bells.

They turn and wow! A horse, a pumpkin carriage, and you in it.

The carriage approaches the end of the isle where your dad is waiting...

The carriage stops.

Dad gives you his hand to assist you while you descend.

You grab his arm, while the carriage leaves.

The groom is sporting a big wide grin, you return a smile and proceed down the isle.

How many wedding ceremonies can you remember? How would yours stand out after such an entrance?

Cinderella Pumpkin Carriage
Cinderella Pumpkin Carriage

The carriage, horse, and driver (in period costume) will be available for 1.5 hours during your stay at the garden. You will have a ride for the ceremony, and for photos. The rest of the time the carriage will stay put. Our driver will help folks take pictures.

By the way, the carriage is available at our venues only, and does not go on the road for your safety.

Horse and Pumpkin Carriage? $349

Princess Entrance, Wowed Guests, and Memories to Last a Lifetime? Priceless.

Don't wait reserve the carriage now!